Meeting of EIGE, Gender Focal Points of EU Delegations in IPA countries, DG NEAR, DG JUST and EEAS

After starting its activities in 2010, the Institute initiated its cooperation with IPA countries in 2013. The Gender Focal Points in EU Delegations in the Western Balkans region and Turkey have emerged as an increasingly important stakeholder group and key partners for EIGE. Our activities in several Western Balkans countries have already benefited significantly from direct assistance when interacting with national government, media and civil society representatives. EIGE has noted an interest from the Delegations and other EU institutions in its methods and resources that could be relevant for EU gender equality work in the region. The meeting aims at strengthened cooperation among EU institutions working on gender equality in the IPA countries, and to introduce what relevant resources are already available at EIGE. The second day of the meeting will be led by DG NEAR to discuss specific issues of the external relations Gender Action Plan 2016-2020.