AT GENDER Spring Conference

Organised  by ATGENDER, The  European  Association  for  Gender  Research,  Education  and Documentation, with support from the  European  Institute  for  Gender Equality (EIGE) and Vilnius  University (VU), the  2017 edition  of  the ATGENDER Spring  conference  is  dedicated  to building dialogues between gender researchers, activists, students, educators and policy makers.

The main  goal of  this conference  is to  address  gaps between  academic  research  in  gender studies and the practice of gender policy making and implementation in light of current political and social issues in Europe. The conference invites participants to consider how to make gender research more accessible  outside  the  academic  community  and  how  to  make  gender  policy better informed by recent scholarship. It also urges participants to think about how to overcome the dualism of theory and practice in the quest for future gender equality in Europe.