Slovakia // Structures

The main responsibility for gender-equality policies falls under the remit of the Department for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities within the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. Set up in 1999, its mandate is to coordinate, design and implement the government’s policy on gender equality and equal opportunities. In fulfilling this role, the department cooperates with other bodies for gender equality, including the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights, which is regarded as a specialised national body entrusted to promote equal treatment and combat all forms of discrimination according to the Anti-Discrimination Act No. 365/2004. Two other institutional mechanisms were created – the Governmental Council for Human Rights, National Minorities and Gender Equality and its advisory body, the Committee for Gender Equality. The committee can serve as the sole gender-mainstreaming mechanism, as it comprises representatives from all ministries and other state and public institutions, complemented by gender experts and representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs).