EIGE Staff

Virginija Langbakk: Director (CV | Declaration of interests)

Mira Banerjee: Head of Knowledge Management & Communications

Therese Murphy: Head of Operations

Iva Solcova: Head of Administration

Administration Unit

  • Christos Georgiadis: Procurement Officer
  • Cristian Iacob: Accounting Officer
  • Marc Jaccarini: HR Officer
  • Thierry Jouve: Administrative Agent - ICT & Project Team Support

  • Ramūnas Lunskus: ICT & Logistics Agent
  • Rūta Samulevičiūtė:  Administrative Agent - Administration
  • Martynas Savinčius: Payroll & Training Officer
  • Miguel Varela Sabucedo: Administrative Agent - Finance
  • Ieva Staponavičiūtė: Procurement Assistant
  • Laima Žilytė: Secretary

Director’s Secretariat

  • Kitija Kupse: Administrative Support
  • Janė Shreckengost: Assistant to the Director

Knowledge Management & Communications Unit

  • Fanette Billot: Trainee - Social Media, Research Communication, Newsletter and Content production
  • Bernadette Gemmell: Research Communications Officer
  • Diana Gražytė: Administrative Assistant
  • Ana Jagodic: Trainee - Events Organisation and Social Media
  • Asta Kraujalyte: Administrative Agent – Events and Publications
  • Milana Lazic: Administrative Agent - Gender Equality & EU Enlargement Countries

  • Živile Macijauskienė: Stakeholder Relations Assistant
  • Donata Matuleviciene: Content Production and Media Officer

  • Maurizio Mosca: Networking Officer
  • Noora Mäntyranta: Administrative Agent - Online Communications
  • Alexandrina Satnoianu: Communications Assistant
  • Aneta Stankeviciene: Administrative Agent - Events and Publications
  • Dimitrios Tsoutsias: Resource & Documentation Centre Officer
  • Christian Veske: Stakeholder Relations Officer
  • Rainer Wenning: National Expert – Stakeholder Relations (Seconded by the Ministry for Employment, Integration and Social Affairs, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

Operations Unit

  • Davide Barbieri: Statistics Officer
  • Adriana Anca Cusmir: Researcher - Gender-based Violence
  • Cecilia Francisco Carcelen: Trainee - Gender Mainstreaming
  • Anke Gittenaer: National Expert – Gender-based violence (seconded by the Department of Welfare, Public Health and Family within the Flemish Government Administration, Brussels, Belgium)
  • Sofia Jamal: Trainee - Gender-based Violence

  • Marre Karu: Researcher - Gender Equality
  • Raffaele Lelleri: Statistician
  • Barbara Limanowska: Programme Coordinator - Gender Mainstreaming
  • Katherine Maxwell: Trainee – Research Statistics Indices
  • Helena Morais Maceira: Researcher - Gender Mainstreaming
  • Blandine Mollard: Research Officer

  • Ligia Nobrega: Gender Statistics Database Officer
  • Jurgita Pečiūrienė: Programme Coordinator - Gender-based Violence
  • Neda Petkovska: Trainee – Gender Mainstreaming
  • Jolanta Reingardė: Programme Coordinator - Research and Statistics
  • Lina Salanauskaite: Researcher / Analyst
  • Erika Toivonen: Trainee - Gender-based Violence
  • Justina Urbonaitė: Operations Assistant