• Committing to gender budgeting for gender equality

    Kicking off European Parliament’s Gender Equality week, EIGE’s Director, Carlien Scheele gave an address at the Joint exchange of views on Gender mainstreaming in the EU budget on 23 October 2023 organised by the Committee on Budgets, Budgetary Control and FEMM.

  • EU gender equality reaches new milestone: is progress accelerating?

    Ten years ago, EIGE introduced the Gender Equality Index as a marker for the status quo of gender equality in the EU. In this year’s edition we see the biggest annual jump in the overall score in the history of the Index ever.

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  • Three steps forward in closing the gender gap in climate leadership 

    More women and diverse representation in the decision-making process is critical for the fight against climate change. Fewer than one in three senior ministers responsible for the policy areas of the European Green Deal are women. EIGE launches a Climate Inspiration section as part of its campaign #3StepsForward – which will include voices and perspectives from leaders promoting closing the...

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  • Gender Equality Index 2023: Towards a green transition in transport and energy

    The Gender Equality Index 2023 presents the EU in relation to gender equality amid crises and uncertainties. In recent years, the world has been hit by repeated shocks and multiple crises. What remains constant is the fact that when crisis strikes, women and girls suffer disproportionally. The crises and shocks continuously threaten to create new challenges and reverse years of...

  • Climate change won’t wait, it’s time to take #3StepsForward to a green, gender-equal Europe

    Today, EIGE launches its #3StepsForward campaign for 2023. We call for policy and decision-makers to deliver a fair, green and inclusive future, where no one is left behind. The European Green Deal is a commitment to future generations that mobilises at least €1 trillion in investments over the next ten years. It is also an opportunity for us all to...

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  • Actioning solutions where gender-based violence and crisis meet

    EIGE’s Director provided the opening remarks at a conference held at the Lithuanian Parliament in Vilnius on Violence against Women in Times of Crisis: Challenges and Potential Solutions under the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

  • #3StepsForward: Why the Green Deal needs a gender perspective

    Today is International Women’s Day. An occasion to celebrate the wins for gender equality so far. To reflect on the struggles. And a day to look ahead, take a glance at the future and imagine what could be.

  • Energy poverty is not about households. It’s about who is in those households.

    Ahead of International Women's Day, EIGE's Director Carlien Scheele participated in an Interparliamentary Committee Meeting in European Parliament on 1 March focused on understanding energy poverty through a gendered lens​.