• #3StepsForward: Why the Green Deal needs a gender perspective

    Today is International Women’s Day. An occasion to celebrate the wins for gender equality so far. To reflect on the struggles. And a day to look ahead, take a glance at the future and imagine what could be.

  • Amid crises and rising inequalities, legislation needs gender perspective 

    For the first time ever, EIGE’s Gender Equality Index shows signs of a worsening situation for women in many areas of work and home life. By addressing these rising inequalities today, we can build a stronger economy that benefits everyone, regardless of gender.

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  • GEP – Academy of Finland (FI)

    The Academy of Finland’s Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan (2019-2020) applies to beneficiaries of the Academy’s research funding, as well as to employees of the Academy’s Administration Office. The Academy’s promotion of equality and non-discrimination includes three measures: (1) design of tools for systematic data collection on research funding and personnel operations, and developing follow-up indicators; (2) developing communications and training...

  • GEP – University of Southern Denmark (SDU) (DK)

    The SDU’s GEP focuses on implementation, documentation and quality assurance of the university’s collected equality endeavours for students and employees. It structures and supports ongoing initiatives, and provides a perspective on prevailing equality and inclusion issues. That focus ensures that initiatives and measures respond and reflect local and specific challenges. The GEP also seeks to further career opportunities and promote...

  • Establishing the Centre for Women’s Studies – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka (HR)

    The Centre for Women's Studies at the University of Rijeka’s Faculty of Philosophy was founded in 2016 and is the only formally confirmed academic centre of study for gender and feminist topics. The Centre links the academic and civil sectors, and is a platform for interdisciplinary domestic and international research. The Student-Teacher Association (Za-Pravo) within the University of Zagreb’s Faculty...

  • Project Crocodile – University of New Caledonia (FR)

    In 2019, the University of New Caledonia set up an exhibition on gender-based violence. Called “Project Crocodile”, it was based on cartoon drawings of situations encountered by young women. It also made and disseminated a film of visitors’ reactions that was widely disseminated, mobilised in a further event, and used for training. The objective was to have the issue widely...

  • Mini-grants for academic teachers, “Ensuring equal opportunities for male and female researchers who combine work and childcare during the COVID-19 pandemic” – Jagiellonian University in Kraków (JU) (PL)

    The measure, funded by the EI.JU, is based on the assessment of JU employees’ needs and addresses the gap in research and publication opportunities experienced by JU employees who have combined research and teaching work with parental care for children under the age of 15 during the COVID-19 pandemic.The call for mini grants shall be open to male and female...

  • Grey literature on energy

    Access to energy affects women and men differently. Increasing women’s participation in the field of energy also has the potential to stimulate sustainable economic growth.

  • Policy cycle in energy

  • EIGE has a great recipe for gender mainstreaming

    Whether you work in the environment, education, the digital agenda or any other policy field, our methods and tools will help you to get started on gender mainstreaming. “EIGE has come up with practical advice to guide you through each step of the gender mainstreaming cycle. We show you how to integrate a gender dimension in your work, regardless of...

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  • Gender and energy

    Energy plays an essential role in both women’s and men’s lives. However, it has been recently acknowledged that energy policy is not gender neutral. Achieving gender equality in the field of energy can be linked with human rights and social, environmental and economic development. Further information Energy on EIGE's Gender Mainstreaming platform EIGE's Gender Mainstreaming platform