Gender equality needs faster progress in all domains

The annual increase in the Gender Equality Index since 2010 is the result of the different performances of EU countries in different domains (Table 1). As shown in Figure 3, the annual change in the Index score since the previous edition (2017–2018) is roughly the same as the annual change since 2010. The domain of power shows the highest annual increase since 2017, with the same pattern of change evident over the long term.

The domain of power has seen the highest overall increase in the EU since 2010, at 11.6 points. On average, scores in the domain of power have grown somewhat faster in the short term (2017-2018) than in the long term (2010-2018).

Conversely, short term growth has been slower than long term growth in the domains of health, knowledge and time. Short and long term change was roughly the same in the domain of work. The variation in short and long term growth rates for individual countries is presented in Table 1.