This technical report presents EIGE’s online panel survey of platform workers which was carried out in 2020 in ten Member states of the European Union (EU). The survey results are presented in the study on artificial intelligence, platform work and gender equality.

Advancements in digitalisation brought profound opportunities, but also new challenges in the labour market. Among major developments is the growth of digital labour platforms in the EU. Several surveys of platform workers have been conducted to date, including at EU level.

However, general knowledge on platform work is still scarce and a gender perspective in either the conceptualisation of studies or the interpretation of findings is essentially absent.

The main objective of EIGE’s survey was to increase the under­standing of gender differences in the working conditions, work pat­terns and work-life balance of women and men engaged in platform work. Both the survey design and the data collection time frame ensured cover­age of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This technical report provides detailed information on the complete survey process from survey design to data export, cleaning, and weighting. It also includes considerations of data limitations and potential sources of bias which should be considered when drawing insights from the data.