Mainstreaming Gender into the Policies and the Programmes of the Institutions of European Union and EU Member States

This publication intends to present the EIGE’s approach to collecting, processing and disseminating good practices in gender mainstreaming.

This publication is the result of contributions made by the EIGE’s Thematic Network on Gender Mainstreaming, Expert’s Forum members, EIGE staff and the findings of the EIGE’s second ex ante evaluation and the ‘Study on the use of “good practice” as a tool for mainstreaming gender into the policies and programmes of the institutions of the European Union and EU Member States’, commissioned to Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB).

The EIGE’s work on collection and dissemination of good practices aims to strengthen the implementation of gender-mainstreaming strategies that support gender-equality policies and increase awareness about the potential of past experiences at reducing gender inequality.

Neither the EIGE nor any person acting on its behalf may be held responsible for the use of the information contained in this publication.

Work for this publication was coordinated by Barbara Limanowska, Senior Gender Mainstreaming Expert, with the contribution of the EIGE’s team: Ana Sofia Fernandes, Jesper S. Hansen, Indre Mackeviciute, Maurizio Mosca, Santiago Moran, Jurgita Peciuriene, Sandra Pfleger and Mary Helen Pombo.

updated date: 27/02/2013