2019 results from EIGE’s Gender-sensitive Parliaments tool

This report assesses gender sensitivity of national parliaments in the European Union and the European Parliament. The report draws on EIGE’s Gender-sensitive Parliaments tool, which is part of EIGE’s Gender Mainstreaming Platform.

Specifically, the assessment is based on the general version of the tool (shorter questionnaire focused on political functions relying mostly on publicly available data). Between April and June 2019, the assessment was completed for the national parliaments of all 28 EU Member States, and for the European Parliament.

This is the first EU-wide assessment which analyses gender sensitivity and describes the state of play in all national parliaments in a uniform way. The results from the 2019 assessment can serve as a benchmark to help track and analyse progress in enhancing gender equality in parliamentary work over time. Parliaments can use the Gender-sensitive Parliaments tool to assess how gender equal they are, identify the areas where further efforts should be made and monitor their progress towards achieving gender equality.

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