Review of the Implementation in the EU of area K of the Beijing Platform for Action: Women and the Environment

Climate change is one of the key challenges of our times. Saving the climate for today and for the future generations belongs to one of the European Union priorities. Research shows that climate change affects women and men differently. Confronted with this challenge, women and men also have different needs, priorities and possibilities, where the voice of women is not sufficiently heard and taken into account. Therefore, to develop and maintain a sustainable and effective response to climate change, a gender approach and gender-sensitive indicators must be an integral part of all policies and actions at all levels.

The report prepared by EIGE reviews the progress made by the European Union Member States in the implementation of one of the twelve areas of concern of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action for Equality, Development and Peace (BPfA), namely of area K: Women and the Environment.

It is the first EU-wide report on gender equality and climate change which provides comparable data at the EU level. Furthermore, it introduces the first indicators to support policy makers in measuring progress in climate