Carmen Castro Garcia

More than 6 000 women have joined the forums and workshops I have set up on cyberfeminism; many of them are developing very active political actions for gender equality through several platforms and women's NGOs.

Carmen Castro has always been a pioneer on gender equality. Together with her strong commitment to feminism, she has worked ceaselessly to promote the use of new technologies for disseminating information on gender equality. Castro has been active for more than 16 years, and her cyberactivism has inspired many young women to become involved with feminism.

Castro actively fights for the production and distribution of technological resources (ICT) for gender equality, mainly through the cyberfem networks SinGENEROdeDUDAS and Lo Personal es Político.She co-founded the PLENT platform and its Spanish version, PPIINA, each of which advocates for equal and non-transferable paternity and maternity leave throughout Europe. She strongly thinks that equal and non-transferable fully paid parental leave is a strategic benchmark and a very strong message for gender equality in Europe.

In Spain, political parties have embraced the logic of equality underpinning the proposal for equal, non-transferable and fully-paid parental leaves. Unlike in the past, no political party in Spain is publicly against this political initiative; all of them showed support and understanding – even the right-wing party now in power.

Ms Castro is the director of, a knowledge community established in 2002 as a tool for feminism, democracy and gender equality. This professional network works on the creation and dissemination of knowledge for advocacy and cultural change for gender equality.

In addition, Castro is a researcher on feminist economics; a specialist in gender budgeting and public policies; a project manager for gender equality projects; the author of several handbooks on gender equality policies; and an international consultant on gender mainstreaming. Finally, she is a member of GEP&DO – Gender, Economy, Politics and Development Observatory.