Elisabeth Møller Jensen

Director of KVINFO, the Danish Centre for Information on Women and Gender

Elisabeth Møller Jensen has immersed her life in the literary world, spreading the word about women, to women. She is a pioneer in the field of Nordic women’s literary history. She was chief editor of The Nordic Women’s Literary History (published in Danish and Swedish) and has been literary critic for several of Denmark's national newspapers. These literary strengths have succeeded in significantly increasing women’s public profile. So much so, that women’s politics and achievements in the research arena, now rightfully take centre stage in cultural debates in Denmark.

Since 1990, Elisabeth has been the director of KVINFO, The Danish Centre for Information on Women and Gender. During her directorship, KVINFO’s budget and staff has increased threefold; KVINFO’s influential magazine Forum has been redesigned, re-launched and the circulation doubled; and the first online database of women experts in Europe has gone online.

Furthermore, for the past 6 years Elisabeth and the KVINFO team have designed and managed a national Mentor Network for women from all ethnic backgrounds, which now has more than 3,500 members representing over 125 nationalities. Since 2006 KVINFO has been involved with Women in Dialogue, a programme addressing women’s rights and equal opportunities in the Middle East.

Elisabeth is Chairman of the Board, The Danish Literature Information Centre, Member of the Board, DANIDA's (Denmark's International Aid Development) Information Grant and Member of the Board, NET-medier A/S under the Federation of Danish Trade Unions. In 1993 she received The Union of Commercial and Clerical Employees in Denmark's Equal Opportunities Award. In 1993 she received The Danish Society for Language and Literature's Lis Jacobsen Award.

Elisabeth Møller Jensen has been literary critic on several of Denmark's national newspapers, and she has written numerous articles on other subjects, as well as participating in debate programmes on radio and television. She gives papers and talks on subjects concerning women's research and women's politics.

Born in 1946, and celebrating her 65th birthday last year, Elisabeth continues to work hard trying to better the lives of women in society, when others are considering much more easy-going lifestyles. In recognition of her 50th birthday, the daily newspaper Aktuelt wrote: "As Director of KVINFO, Elisabeth Møller Jensen has created a dialogue between several generations of Danish feminists as well as creating a connection between women's issues and gender politics in general."

The daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende commented: "Alongside two marriages, four children, a book on Camilla Collett, editorial responsibilty for The Nordic Women's Literary History and directorship of KVINFO (...), Elisabeth Møller Jensen has a central place in Danish cultural life.

Elizabeth was 65 last year and remains at the vanguard of forging a place for women on the podium of life. She is indeed an extraordinary woman.