National Women’s Helpline - Kvinnofridslinjen (020-505050)

The national helpline for women subjected to violence is free of charge and available 24 hours a day, all year around. The callers’ anonymity and privacy is guaranteed. The helpline offers professional support, provided by social workers and nurses with experience working with people in crisis or in difficult life situations. The helpline is fully funded by the state.

The national helpline can provide multilingual counselling through interpreters (e.g. in Arabic, Finnish, Spanish, Somali, Syrian, Thai and Turkish) as well as information concerning support services, such as women’s shelters, at the local or regional level in Sweden.

Aims and objectives

To offer support and information to women subjected to violence. Family and friends of women subjected to violence as well as professionals are also welcome to contact the helpline for information and support.

Results and impact

In 2015, the helpline answered approximately 31 500 calls, which corresponds to an average of 86 calls per day. The overwhelming majority of calls were from women seeking support and help.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

The National Centre for Knowledge on Men’s Violence against Women (NCK) at Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital.

Additional information

NCK is a knowledge and resource centre commissioned by the Swedish Government to increase the knowledge on men's violence against women, violence and oppression in the name of honour, and violence in same-sex relationships.

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