• Statement by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) and the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

    International Day for the Elimination of Violence against WomenViolence against women is a violation of human rights, and as such continues to act as a significant barrier to full gender equality. Gender-based violence is fundamentally rooted in gender inequality and impacts on the future of women and of men in Europe.The problem of violence against women within the European Union can be more effectively addressed through collaborative efforts that seek to highlight and combat the issue through the lens of human rights and gender equality.

  • Combating gender-based violence and enforcing gender mainstreaming in the EU

    The European Institute for Gender Equality and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights sign a cooperation agreement in line with the new EU strategy for gender equality 2010-2015.EIGE's Director Virginija Langbakk and FRA Director Morten Kjaerum signing the cooperation agreementThe two EU agencies will initiate cooperation in gender mainstreaming and researching in the field of gender equality. One of the main areas of cooperation will be on working to end violence against women in the EU.

  • EIGE acts on Gender Strategy

    The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) gathered some of the key stakeholders on Gender Equality to discuss the implementation of the EU Commission’s new EU Gender Equality strategy in Vilnius during the first EU wide event since the Institute’s launch in June. The event featured European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding, the representative of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the EU Michel Pasteel and other participants.left to right:FRA's Director Morten Kjaerum, VicePresident of the European Commission Viviane Reding, EIGE's Director Virginija Langbakk, Chair of EIGE's Management Board Eva Maria Welskop Deffaa, Eurofound'sDirector Jorma KarppinenEIGE Director Virginija Langbakk says:

  • EIGE hosts EC Vice President Reding at EU Gender Strategy event in Vilnius

    The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) kicks off its work with the European Commission’s recently adopted five-year strategy for promoting equality between women and men in Europe. EIGE will start to actively implement the strategy by gathering key stakeholders in the implementation of the new gender equality strategy at the “Joining efforts towards Gender Equality in the European Union 2010–2015” seminar, set to take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, on November 22.The seminar will feature European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding, the Chair of EIGE's Management Board Eva Maria Welskop-Deffaa, the representative of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the EU Michel Pasteel, EIGE Director Virginija Langbakk as well as important participants from other relevant EU agencies.EIGE Director Virginija Langbakk expressed strong belief that the new EU Gender Equality strategy will truly make a difference, and the upcoming seminar will be a good starting point in its implementation.

  • EIGE delegates visit FRA

    The Institute’s Head of Operations Barbara Wurster along with Gender Expert Jurgita Pečiūrienė met with FRA's Director Morten Kjaerum and FRA Officials on 12 October at Vienna.FRA officials informed the Institute’s delegates on FRA research projects with Gender aspects and the status of FRANET. An update was provided on FRA survey on Violence against women and EIGE's role in this regard was analysed.

  • UBC Commission on gender equality visits EIGE

    A delegation of the Union of the Baltic Cities’ Commission on gender equality visited EIGE on 8 October. Working towards the promotion and support of a gender perspective and work on gender equality in the Baltic Sea Region, this study visitengaged representatives from the civil society, municipalities and politicians from different countries interested in knowing EIGE’s work and role in promoting gender equality and future possibilities of joint collaboration.UBC delegates with Ms.

  • EIGE and ILO strengthen cooperation

    The Institute's Director Virginija Langbakk met with Director of ILO Bureau for Gender Equality Jane Hodges on 6 October 2010 at Geneva. The Directors discussed about opportunities on further cooperation between the two Institutes and endorsed the outcomes of the first meeting between EIGE and ILO.ILO's Bureau for Gender Equality Director Jane Hodges (left) and EIGE's Director Virginija Langbakk (right)

  • Representatives of Swedish NGOs visit EIGE

    Ms. Hjördis Häll (Sveriges Kvinnolobbyof), Ms. Ronja Gustafsson (Mälardalens Kvinnolobby/Tjejlobbyn), Ms. Justina Doneilaite (Ålands Fredsinstitut) and Ms. Birgitta Lindh Johansson (Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Sweden) visited the Institute on 08 October 2010, to learn more about its activities and the future plans.from the meeting with the representatives of Swedish NGOsThe current state of play of EIGE was presented, including the establishment of the Institute, its running activities and the Institute's work plan for 2011.

  • EIGE and ILO share knowledge on Gender Equality

    The Institute's Head of Operations Barbara Wurster met with 11 International Labour Organisation (ILO) Directors on 5 October 2010 in ILO's headquartersin Geneva. The meeting shed light on sharing existing knowledge on gender equality in the working world, gaining ideas for best practices, and exploring future partnership possibilities with ILO on specific activities particularly within the fields of the Beijing Indicators.left to right:

  • Swedish delegation at EIGE premises

    The Swedish delegation Gunilla Upmark, Linda Backman, Lenita Freidenvall and Elise-Marie Donovan from the Secretariat of the Committee on the Labour Market visited EIGE on 28 September.The delegation wanted to learn more about the Institute and its role in promoting gender equality on EU and national levels and to raise EU citizens’ awareness of gender equality with the intent to bring this information back to the newly elected Swedish Parliament.Swedish delegates with Ms Barbara Wurster (left), Ms Asa Fritzon (back) and Mr Jesper Hansen (right) from EIGE

  • Gender Equality stays on the European Agenda

    The upcoming work on equality between women and men - presented by Commissioner Viviane Reding last Tuesday 21st September - keeps gender equality on the EU agenda. The aims are to make better use of women's potential, thereby contributing to the EU's overall economic and social goals. “We believe that the Commission's new strategy will lead to an increase in the awareness about gender equality and we are in the process of delivering a range of tools in support of this.