EIGE’s EU-wide online Gender Equality Glossary and Thesaurus will soon house essential gender-related terms all in one place. You will be able to find over 350 accurate, up-to-date and gender-sensitive definitions.

The Glossary and Thesaurus is a step towards ending confusion around key terms. It will foster a common understanding of gender equality concepts amongst Member States and suggest preferred terms of use.

The online tool will promote the use of gender-sensitive language and challenge terms that reinforce gender stereotypes and ignore gender differences. EIGE encourages users to integrate the expert terms in their work. For example, librarians can use the terms to ‘tag’ library resources, EU and national policy makers can revert to the tool when mainstreaming gender equality into policies and civil society actors can use the terms when advocating for gender equality. 

The Glossary and Thesaurus will be accessible by mid-2016 and available in all official EU languages after language experts have discussed and agreed on accurate translations. The terms and definitions are also compatible with the ones used by Eurostat and are aligned with Eurovoc – the EU-wide multi-lingual terminology database.


Monika Bystrzycka
Publications and Editing Officer
Email: monika.bystrzycka@eige.europa.eu