The Women Inspiring Europe 2011 Calendar features Ms. Francesca Brezzi in the month of January.

If ever it were possible to be born a scientist, Francesca Brezzi would be your proof. And if ever a scientist had just the right blend of scepticism and faith, Francesca Brezzi has found it.

From the time that she was a little girl her questioning mind, unquenchable desire to learn and immense thirst for knowledge grew so intense at times that it was exhausting - even for her. Along with a scientist’s natural doubt and scepticism, Brezzi has revealed that she is deeply spiritual, compassionate and of great morality. On top of all that, she has an exceptional ability to express herself – Brezzi brings her most complex thoughts to the point in an instant. She needs one word where others would need many, and despite her fine intellect, Brezzi speaks in a subtle voice, never tempted to provoke her interlocutor.