Gender Equality 2017 coming soon

We will soon be ready to give an update on the status of gender equality in the EU. Is it getting better or worse? Which countries have progressed the most? Where do we need to improve? On 11 October 2017, you will get the full picture from the Gender Equality Index!

In this edition, we introduce several new elements that give a more accurate picture of the realities faced by women and men living in the EU. The Index also shows trends in gender equality over the past ten years.

One new element is the focus on intersecting inequalities. This Index gives a more nuanced picture of our society, as we look at how gender intersects with other factors such as disability, age, education, country of birth and family type.

We have also expanded the domain of power. In addition to political and economic power, we are also looking at who is behind the news headlines, who controls the money in research funding and who decides in the sporting world.

For the first time, the Index will look into healthy and less healthy behaviours of women and men. Who has a healthy diet and exercises regularly? How similar are the smoking and drinking habits of women and men?

EIGE will present the Gender Equality Index 2017 in Brussels on 11 October. Tune in from wherever you are by watching EIGE’s live-stream of the event, starting from 9:00 CEST. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live tweets and updates throughout the day, using the hashtag #EIGEIndex

The Gender Equality Index is a tool to measure the progress of gender equality in the EU. The Index has six core domains - work, money, knowledge, time, power and health – and two satellite domains: violence against women and intersecting inequalities. It gives more visibility to areas that need improvement and ultimately supports policy makers to design more effective gender equality measures.

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