In May 2013, EIGE launched the database of gender trainers and training organisations as part of the Institute’s effort to facilitate the effective implementation of gender equality policies and programmes through gender training in the EU.

The database is a freely searchable directory of over 200 gender trainers from all over the EU. The initial list of gender trainers, which was further on updated and developed under this project, was entrusted to EIGE by the OPERA team of researchers of the QUING project.

EIGE’s database of gender trainers was developed along with EIGE’s database of gender training resources as part of the study on Gender training in the EU: Mapping, research and stakeholders’ engagement (2012-2013).

What does it offer?

The database of gender trainers:

  • provides practical and updated information about over 200 providers offering gender training in 27 EU Member States and Croatia;
  • covers a wide range of expertise in fields such as gender analysis, gender impact assessment, gender budgeting etc.;
  • encompasses over 80 thematic areas of expertise of trainers including gender mainstreaming, education and training, employment and social affairs, violence, and gender stereotypes;
  • provides access to contact details of gender trainers.

How does it function?

Users of the database can view a list of active trainers by undertaking standard or advanced searches through name, email, country, language, and competence areas.

Search results present the trainers’ profile and contact details.

The Gender Trainers database is hosted in EIGE's European Network for Gender Equality - EuroGender.

Who can benefit from it and how?

The trainers’ database serves those who have a gender training need as well as those who have expertise in gender issues and offer professional training in this area.

If someone is looking for a gender training provider, the trainers' database offers a user-friendly, accessible information system that enables them to:

  • find and review training providers’ profiles based on country, language, thematic area of expertise, or keyword;
  • select services from a wide pool of trainers in various fields and themes of expertise to match someone’s particular area of training need;
  • efficiently commission work to training professionals to train the workforce of different organisations.

If you are looking to network and advertise your training services, the trainers' database is the ideal platform for you to publicise your expertise among organisations commissioning gender training from all around Europe. It is free, quick and easy to be included in the online directory.