Drafting a report? Writing your thesis? If the topic is gender equality, EIGE's collection of grey literature can help. We have put together 19 reading lists to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

EIGE’s library hosts one of the largest collections of gender-related grey literature from government institutions, universities, research institutes and civil society. We have now condensed this information into 19 publications that present available resources in each of the EU's policy areas.

EIGE's collection of grey literature provides new perspectives across policy areas. How can you bring together agriculture and nutrition using a gender lens? How can dialogue help the integration of young migrant women into secondary education? These and other questions are answered in the reports, working papers, government documents, white papers and evaluations that make up EIGE's grey literature collection.

The 19 tailor-made reading lists present literature on current EU policies, gender indicators and data, and the situation of gender mainstreaming. Resources come from all EU Member States and are available in several EU languages.

In addition to grey literature, our online library gives access to policy documents, books, articles, studies and specialised databases. EIGE collaborates with 19 other libraries to provide access to over half a million resources on gender equality, which you can find on EIGE’s website. We welcome new resources to the collection.

For more information, please contact Dimitrios Tsoutsias, phone: +370 5 2157 442, dimitrios.tsoutsias@eige.europa.eu

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