The European Institute for Gender Equality cooperated with 5 national gender equality documentation centres and libraries in Europe to build the best available European on-line resources on gender-based violence. These resources on gender-based violence are accessible via a portal on the Institute’s website which is being officially launched and made available today, 6 November 2012. The online resources are part of the Resource & Documentation Centre of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).

Available in several languages (English, French, German, Swedish and Dutch, among others), these new online resources on gender-based violence contain more than 26.000 references, including policy documents, grey literature of all nature, online files, books, articles and databases. These references are easily accessible via an online search tool and will be updated regularly. The resources on gender-based violence enable EU institutions, authorities in the Member States, researchers and all those interested in this area to document or support policy work on gender-based violence.


  • Aletta E-Quality – institute for gender equality and women‘s history in Amsterdam
  • Amazone – Resource Centre for Equality between Women and Men in Brussels
  • Cid-femmes – Centre d‘Information et de Documentation des Femmes “Thers Bodé” in Luxembourg
  • Gender Library at Humboldt - Universität zu Berlin
  • KvinnSam – National Resource Library for Gender Studies at Gothenburg University
  • Resource & Documentation Centre of the European Institute for Gender Equality

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE)

EIGE is a European Union Agency created to promote gender equality, including gender mainstreaming, in all EU policies and the resulting national policies, by providing technical assistance to the EU Institutions, in particular the European Commission and the Member States.

The Resource & Documentation Centre (RDC) of the European Institute for Gender Equality

The goal of the RDC is to collect, analyse and disseminate relevant, objective, comparable and reliable information on gender equality. The primary beneficiaries are policy makers and implementers at the EU and Member States levels. Other targeted users include: research organisations, Social Partners, Civil Society organisations, media and, ultimately, the European Union citizens. EIGE cooperates with well-established documentation centres and gender networks to reinforce their work by creating a central resource hub, fostering the collection, organization and dissemination of gender knowledge across existing networks.

Gender-based violence

Gender-based violence, in all its forms, affects mostly women. It reflects and reinforces inequalities between women and men and remains a major problem in the European Union. The European Parliament resolution on the elimination of violence against women (26 November 2009) and the Council of the EU’s conclusions on the eradication of violence against women (8 March 2010) highlighted the lack of available and comparable data on violence against women in the European Union. The European Institute for Gender Equality carries out research on gender-based violence so that it can provide policy makers and experts with existing data, information and resources on the prevention of and combating gender-based violence. Violence against women is one of the topics of the Cypriot Presidency of the European Union, in the framework of reviewing the EU commitments regarding the Beijing Platform for Action.

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