EIGE is kicking off a new study on the Economic Benefits of Gender Equality. The aim is to discover the impact of gender equality on sustainable and inclusive economic growth and the well-being of society at large.

The objectives of Europe’s 2020 Strategy will not bring smart, sustainable and inclusive growth until continuing inequalities are challenged in areas such as education, the labour market, economic and political decision making and the sharing of unpaid care responsibilities.

EIGE’s study will offer new evidence to policy makers on the economic benefits of gender equality. It will go beyond monetary aspects, such as changes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), to examine the macro-economic gains from factors such as unemployment rates, earnings, productivity levels, social innovations, fiscal efficiency, investment and competiveness. The study will cover all 28 EU Member States and will draw on previous research to develop solid theoretical frameworks and an empirical model that can be used to measure the economic benefits of gender equality in the EU.

The project is due to be finalised by the end of 2016. Later this year, we will arrange an online discussion on EuroGender to give experts the opportunity to provide their input concerning the validation of the results. EIGE will also provide regular updates on the study through its website, social media channels and newsletter.