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Whether you work in the environment, education, the digital agenda or any other policy field, our methods and tools will help you to get started on gender mainstreaming.  

“EIGE has come up with practical advice to guide you through each step of the gender mainstreaming cycle. We show you how to integrate a gender dimension in your work, regardless of the field. Our methods and tools are designed to help your organisation become more gender-equal,” said Barbara Limanowska, gender mainstreaming programme coordinator.

Gender mainstreaming might seem like an abstract concept but it is like following a recipe. At different stages of the policy cycle, you need to incorporate a series of ingredients into the mixture.

It is important to keep the big picture in mind and consider how your policy will affect the everyday lives of women and men. EIGE’s methods and tools will guide you to think about equality related questions and show you how to do gender mainstreaming properly.

There are 15 different methods and tools available on EIGE’s gender mainstreaming platform. They range from gender budgeting and procurement to gender monitoring and evaluation.

EIGE has also taken three of the tools even further and developed interactive toolkits to give users step-by-step advice on:

  • Gender equality training
  • Gender impact assessment
  • Institutional transformation

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How do I know which tool to use?

Depending on the stage you are up to in the cycle, you will need particular methods and tools. Remember that it is essential to integrate the gender dimension at every stage of your policy, programme or project. Start with the defining phase, when you are working on the outline of your policy or project and continue through the planning, implementing and checking phases. At each stage, we provide you with the necessary methods and tools.

Explore the methods and tools on EIGE’s gender mainstreaming platform

Download the methods and tools publication.

If you need any more information, please contact Donata Matuleviciene, donata.matuleviciene@eige.europa.eu

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