Would you feel a need to double-check the difference between “gender balance” and “gender parity”? Are you looking for an easy-to-use tool where all these words are explained? Now you can access all gender terms and concepts in one place. EIGE’s online Gender Equality Glossary and Thesaurus features over 400 accurate, up-to-date and gender-sensitive definitions.

The glossary and thesaurus is a step towards ending confusion around key terms. It will allow everyone across the EU and beyond to understand gender equality concepts in the same way and suggest preferred terms of use.

The online tool will also contribute to more gender-sensitive language and challenge terms that reinforce gender stereotypes and ignore gender differences.

“We hope that the glossary and thesaurus will come in handy for various experts.  For example, librarians can use the terms to ‘tag’ library resources. EU and national policy makers can use it when mainstreaming gender equality into policies. Civil society organisations can use the terms when advocating for gender equality”, states Monika Bystrzycka, EIGE’s project manager.

The tool is currently available in English but will later be translated into all official EU languages, following an agreement on translations. The first translated versions will be in French, German and Spanish.

The terms and definitions are also compatible with the ones used by Eurostat and are aligned with Eurovoc – the EU-wide multi-lingual terminology database. The definitions regarding gender-based violence also go hand-in-hand with those developed by the Council of Europe, with whom EIGE worked in close cooperation.

The glossary and thesaurus will be regularly revised and updated. We very much welcome your feedback, which will help us further develop the product.

Explore the glossary and thesaurus

For more information please contact Monika Bystrzycka, Monika.Bystrzycka@eige.europa.eu