• Sharing research on care: exchange among EU agencies

    EIGE, in collaboration with Eurofound, starts an informal exchange program among several EU agencies, focusing on research on the critical topic of care. The initiative attracts other agencies and brings together CEDEFOP, EIGE, ELA, ETF, Eurofound, EU-OSHA and FRA at one discussion table to engage in collaborative undertakings and comprehensive dialogue on the subject.

  • Belgian Presidency Informal Meeting of Gender Equality Ministers

    EIGE Director attends the Informal meeting of gender equality ministers organised by Belgium Presidency of the Council of the EU. At this informal meeting the ministers will debate how EU Member States can better work to bring a new and stronger dynamic to the future of gender equality in the EU, to safeguard the progress made so far and to...

  • Working Party on Social Questions

    The Working Party on Social Questions deals with all legislative work related to employment and social policies aspects. EIGE attends the meeting in Brussels, and updates EU Member States on its research, concerning financial independence and gender equality across Member States. The research supports the Belgium Presidency of the Council of the EU.

  • European Conference on Gender Budgeting

    The European Conference on Gender Budgeting taking place in Cyprus by the organisation of Civil Society and the Cyprus Gender Budgeting Platform, is an opportunity for academics, trainers and experts on gender budgeting, from all over Europe, to meet, exchange information and experiences. Furthermore, these experts also have the chance to come up with measures to be put into place...

  • Mutual Learning Seminar on Synergies between gender equality and climate action

    EIGE’s Researcher, Blandine Millard, joins the Mutual Learning Seminar on Synergies between gender equality and climate action in The Hague. The seminar aims to foster knowledge exchange, address existing issues, and explore innovative approaches for integrating gender concerns into climate action. EIGE shares insights from the Gender Equality Index Thematic Focus 2023, highlighting its commitment to advance gender equality in...

  • Country visit to the Netherlands

    EIGE Director Carlien Scheele and EIGE’s Head of Outreach & Engagement unit, Dennis van der Veur, are on a country visit to the Netherlands from 13 February till 16 February. During the mission they will meet with stakeholders from the Netherlands Ministry responsible for gender equality (Ministry of Education, Culture, Science), the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NGOs and knowledge...

  • Belgian Presidency Conference on the Gender Pension Gap

    EIGE’s Director, Carlien Scheele, addresses decision-making actors and multidisciplinary experts, from EU and national levels, at the Belgian Presidency EU High-level conference on the Gender Pension Gap & Pension Adequacy Tackling Gender Inequality After Retirement. EIGE further contributes to the Conference by bringing in relevant expertise in sessions dedicated to innovative and effective multidisciplinary solutions to tackle the gender pension...

  • EUAN Heads of Agencies Meeting

    EIGE's Director, Carlien Scheele, participates in the EU Heads of Agencies meeting in Brussels.

  • CoE delegation visits EIGE

    The Director General of Democracy and Human Dignity from the Council of Europe (CoE), Marja Ruotanen, and the Head of Anti-discrimination Department, CoE, Hallvard Gorseth, meet with EIGE experts to discuss further opportunities for cooperation in the area of gender equality in the EU.

  • International Conference on Women in Law Enforcement

    EIGE's Director, Carlien Scheele, addresses a High-level International Conference on Women in Law Enforcement. The event, organised by Lithuanian Ministry of Interior, gathers women in leadership positions in the internal security sector, both at the EU and at national levels. Conference speakers, including the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, and Ministers for Interior and Home affairs from different...

  • Meeting Ambassador of Romania

    EIGE's Director, Carlien Scheele, meets with Romanian Ambassador to Lithuania, H.E. Adriana Ciamba.

  • High-level Group on Gender Mainstreaming

    EIGE's Director Carlien Scheele, Jolanta Reingardė, EIGE's Researcher, and Sarah Cooke O'Dowd, EIGE's Liaison Officer in Brussels, attend the European Commission High level group meeting on gender mainstreaming covering financial independence and gender equality as well as the outcomes of EIGE's strategic foresight consultations with its Management Board and Experts Forum members and the public survey from 2023.