On the 5th of November, 2010, the European Institute for Gender Equality and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands hosted the presentation "Male development and gender issues" by Mr Lauk Woltring, the founder of platform Boys in Balance. The presentation was followed by a discussion about the issues of men’s involvement in gender issues and male perspectives in the changing realities.

Men can do much better than many do now. We can think about it, learn and enjoy life in a better way. Men may be a part of the problem, but they are also a part of the solution. Gender equality is more than just equal opportunities – societies need both, men and women qualities”, - these are only some of the ideas Mr Lauk Woltring was presenting during the lecture.

In response to the remarks from the audience on focusing too much on the biological differences between girls and boys, the presenter stressed that gender differences exist and we have to accept and tolerate them. It is both – nature and nurture – that come into play. Important is to learn to eliminate gender stereotypes which come as an obstacle to the realisation of men's and women's individual capacities.