Today, the European Institute for Gender Equality lunches results of the study on estimating the numbers of girls at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Greece, Belgium, France, Italy, Malta and Cyprus - focus on Malta.

The event takes place ahead of the International Day for Zero Tolerance for FGM, on 4 February 2019, in Valetta, and it is organised in cooperation with the Maltese Ministry for European Affairs and Equality.

Between 39 % to 57 % of girls originating from FGM-practising countries who live in Malta are at risk of female genital mutilation. The percentage of girls at risk in Malta is the highest among the countries studied. This is because a large part of the female migrant population are young girls originating from countries with a high occurrence of female genital mutilation.

Despite girls continuing to be at risk in the EU, research from focus group discussions showed that communities are starting to turn away from the practice as a result of integration and domestic laws. 

The presentation of the results will be accompanied by a roundtable discussion on the situation and the challenges of female genital mutilation in Malta, followed by a networking lunch.

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