Georgie Bradley - Session Facilitator

Communications and Media Officer, EIGE

Georgie Bradley is the Communications and Media Officer at the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE). She is responsible for developing compelling narratives based on EIGE’s data and research and using innovative communications tools for public engagement.  

Before joining EIGE she was based in the Middle East between Bahrain and Dubai as a journalist and crisis counsellor for women victims of domestic and sexual violence. Having trained with Shamsaha in Bahrain – the Middle East’s first and only crisis response program in the region – she has experience being on hospital and hotline duty as well as building community awareness through delivering workshops on topics related to gender dynamics across the Gulf region.

A key milestone was co-leading a 10-day workshop for local activists and theatre students in Kuwait City under the patronage of Abolish 153, an organisation that seeks to abolish article 153 in Kuwait’s penal code on honour killings.

She holds a BA in English and Drama from Queen Mary, University of London and an MA in Magazine Journalism from City University, London.