EUROFOUND - Living and working in Europe in an era of disruption: Gendered impacts, challenges and opportunities

As Europe enters a new period of uncertainty, we need to understand the impact the pandemic and recent economic developments have had on living and working conditions for specific groups of workers and for women and men in general. This Eurofound-led session will look at the latest findings and explore the challenges and opportunities ahead. What was the asymmetrical impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on EU labour market developments? What role did telework play in preserving jobs and what does the future hold for female workers? Did the pandemic amplify the differences in working conditions and quality of work between men and women but also between different types of jobs? And, as we respond to the impact of the war in Ukraine, rising inflation, higher costs of living and greater risks of energy poverty, what will this new era of disruption mean for living conditions and gender equality?

There will be a possibility for a LIVE Q&A via the online platform chat for registered participants.