EIGE's Director Carlien Scheele delivered this video speech at a promotional event for the publication Women and Men in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021. The hybrid event was organised in Sarajevo on 15 February 2022 by UN Women Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Agency for Gender Equality of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Video message


Dear Colleagues,

Thank you very much for inviting me to deliver a message on this occasion.

This year marks the 10th year anniversary of the European Institute for Gender Equality’s cooperation with the EU candidate countries and potential candidates in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Our Institute, EIGE, has been supporting the efforts of the region to better monitor gender equality progress. We are able to do this work thanks to the European Commission’s Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance of the Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiation.  

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have been working with the Agency for Gender Equality and the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who have been reliable partners and active members of the regional cooperation platform.

Today, I congratulate you all on publishing important data on women and men in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Gender statistics are crucial if we want to understand the level of gender equality progress across Europe.

Crucial to measuring progress with gender statistics is the Gender Equality Index, which is a tool developed by EIGE to measure gender equality in the European Union. It is a tool that is also now being developed in the Western Balkans and Turkey, including in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The development of the Index shows the commitment of Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path towards the EU.

I will give you another example of our common achievements: last year, we have translated EIGE’s Glossary and Thesaurus of gender equality terminology and it’s available on EIGE’s website in all official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.

EIGE will continue supporting these efforts and I hope we will be able to meet again soon in Sarajevo on the occasion of the 1st Gender Equality Index of your country.

My team and I are looking forward to working together with you in the future.

Dear partners, dear participants, I wish you a successful event today!

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