Sasha Bezuhanova

The challenge is that there are prejudices. Most management positions are normally made up of men. So I encourage young professional women - if you are good, your successes will be even more evident.

Sasha Bezuhanova is among the most influential and recognized women in Europe. Her current main role is Hewlett Packard's CEE Public Sector Director with the responsibility for more than 27.000 people. She is also a Member of the Board of Directors of European Centre of Women in Technology [ECWT]. Her story is a real success story, and can serve as a role model for girls around Europe how to make a career in a sector still dominated by men.

Sasha Bezuhanova’s most important accomplishment to date is attracting an investment from the company headquarters for The Global Delivery Center in Bulgaria. Today it employs over 4000 people. That project served to put Bulgaria on the IT investment map. She has therefore managed to break a gender stereotype via her success. She now has considerable European visibility and global recognition. She is therefore a good ambassador of successful female leaders, serving as a good role model for women everywhere.

Aditional information

Sasha Bezuhanova has received several awards: IT Businesswoman for 2000, IT Manager for 2001 and 2002 as well as Businesswoman of the 90s, SheLeader Award of Forum Invest in 2010.