Adela Subirana

Adela Subirana is a well-known business woman from Barcelona, Spain. She is an active entrepreneur, socially committed and dedicated to encourage gender equality and in particular to promote women economic to the promotion of women entrepreneurs. She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, from where she promotes the internationalisation of the companies based in Catalunya (Spain).

She is a member of the Cercle del Liceu, the prestigious Opera house in Barcelona. She promoted this theatre during the most difficult moments, in particular two decades ago when a fire destroyed the emblematic and unique building, with benevolent activities. Thanks to her efforts, the Opera opened the board to women, excluded since its creation in 1847.

She began in the construction sector, decades ago, an environment closed to women. She is now a member of the board of SACYR - one of the most important construction companies in Spain.

Among the most relevant projects that she was developed, the creation of Grup Set is very well known. Integrated by seven successful business women, its aim is the promotion of women entrepreneurs while leading open debates on fundamental social issues, such as the judiciary, education or new economic trends, always from the gender perspective.

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Another of her fundamental contributions to the promotion of women entrepreneurs is the establishment of International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) - an organisation based on a network of successful business women from all continents. Its aim is promote the social responsibility within corporations and act decisively as mentors of the new generations of women that want to become entrepreneurs developing a very strong role in the society. Ms Subirana, representing the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, is the decisive leader of the project.

Beyond this project and Grup Set, Ms Subirana's engagement in the promotion of equality and the support for the development confident women ready to advance in their careers has always been unquestionable. For the activities mentioned and for a live long determination to improve the role of women and ensure their advancement, she is a formidable woman that inspires Europe.