Activity of Väter Experten Netzwerk (VEND) (Fathers Expert Network)

Aims and objectives

The networks vision is a society in which working men can live in close connection with their children. In cooperation with companies, political decision-makers and social groups, the Fathers' Network argues strongly that men can be both committed workers and fathers. The network aims to support them through their work, so that they can be accepted as fathers in their professional environment and can also lead fulfilling private lives.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Name: Väter Experten Netzwerk (VEND) (Fathers Expert Network)

Stakeholder: Civil society organisation

Area of intervention: Men and gender equality

Organisation Country: Germany

Organisation Phone: 0211 2606014; 030 23186065; 040 39908539



Activities in three areas:

  • Businesses - raising the awareness of decision-makers to the needs of fathers, promoting a father-friendly culture
  • Family education - encouraging networking and transfer of knowledge between existing regional networks and initiatives for single fathers, and provision of training for fatherhood trainers
  • Society - policy and advocacy advice, participation in various expert committees, consulting with representatives from government, media, academia and associations


Comprehensive information about project activities is available at: