• Gender-sensitive Parliaments

    This step-by-step toolkit includes two tools to support parliaments at all levels in the EU to better deliver on gender equality. From assessing the state of the parliament’s gender-sensitivity to establishing a gender equality action plan. Start charting your progress towards transformative change for gender equality today.

  • Gender-responsive Public Procurement

    This practical toolkit to implement gender-responsive public procurement (GRPP) across the different stages of the procurement cycle is designed for contracting authorities at all levels, including EU institutions, bodies and agencies. It will also support policymakers and practitioners working towards gender equality and gender mainstreaming.

    Gender Responsive Public Procurement
  • Gender Budgeting

    This step-by-step toolkit aims to assist managing authorities in the European Union to apply gender budgeting tools in the processes of the European Union Funds under shared management. It offers a variety of tools and highlights promising practices from different EU Member States.

    Gender Budgeting
  • Gender Equality in Academia and Research - GEAR tool

    The Gender Equality in Academia and Research (GEAR) tool provides universities and research organisations with practical advice and tools through all stages of institutional change, from setting up a gender equality plan to evaluating its real impact.

    Gender Equality in Academia and Research
  • Gender Impact Assessment

    Does a law, policy or programme reduce, maintain or increase the gender inequalities between women and men? This step-by-step guide helps institutions identify where policies are causing or strengthening gender inequalities and how they can be effectively re-directed. It provides both a theoretical model of gender impact assessment and real, hands-on information from several EU Member States on its practical...

    Gender Impact Assessment
  • Gender Equality Training

    Stimulate investment in the gender-equality skills of public administration employees and to facilitate the process of designing effective gender-equality training. This step-by-step guide is designed to boost the gender equality skills of public administration employees.

    Gender Equality Training
  • Gender Institutional Transformation

    Information and guidance on how to introduce and advance gender mainstreaming in an organisation or institution. This step-by-step guide helps institutions transform, starting from their basic values and beliefs, to the rules and regulations that lead to more effective working outcomes. It is targeted at public institutions within the EU as bodies that are accountable for gender equality.

    Gender Institutional Transformation