Tool 6: Guiding questions for dividing contracts into lots for GRPP

This tool can be used by contracting authorities to divide contracts into lots for GRPP.

This tool allows you to assess whether lots may be a useful approach to promote GRPP in a particular contract or framework.

The questions will help you in the decision of whether or not to divide a contract into lots.

  1. Do you have knowledge of the full range of organisations (including smaller companies, social enterprises or charities/voluntary bodies) who may be able to deliver all or part of the need?
    If not, preliminary market consultations should be held.
  2. Would dividing the contract/framework into lots facilitate greater participation/chances of success by the range of organisations above, including women-owned or operated enterprises?
    If so, this could be a strong argument for division into lots.
  3. Are there specific aspects of the contract/framework (e.g. gender-sensitive design or communication) which may require a different type of expertise and experience to other contract activities?
    If so, consider whether awarding a separate lot for this activity would be an effective way of targeting this expertise/experience.
  4. Is there a case for reserving one or several lots for performance by an organisation employing persons with disabilities or disadvantaged workers (Article 20 of Directive 2014/24/EU) or by a social enterprise (Article 77 of Directive 2014/24/EU)?
    This could help to facilitate employment for women or men facing discrimination in the labour market.
  5. In a framework agreement, could lots be used to enable smaller businesses, or those with less experience, to carry out contracts which are lower value or lower risk?
    Or to enable more innovative/experimental contracting (e.g. social outcomes contracting) for a particular activity?

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