Tool 5: Decision tree for the choice of procedure for GRPP

This tool can be used by contracting authorities, policymakers and practitioners working towards gender equality and gender mainstreaming to choose a procedure for GRPP. It summarises the factors influencing the choice of procedure for GRPP. It asks guiding questions and, based on your answers, then guides you towards the most appropriate procedure for the tender you intend to launch.

Is the contract above the relevant EU threshold?

Is it covered by the light regime (social and other specific services)?

National procedures apply

GRPP can be built into a procedure designed by the contracting authority or set out in national law. It may be possible to reserve the contract for social enterprises (Article 77 of the public sector directive).

Is the need (including GRPP elements) novel or complex?

Flexible procedures, such as competitive dialogue, a competitive procedure with negotiation or an innovation partnership, may be used. These can allow gender aspects to be discussed with bidders and proposed solutions to be refined. GRPP may be included in the tender criteria and contract clauses.

You have the choice of an open or a restricted procedure. Gender aspects should be introduced at the pre-procurement stage to allow the market to prepare for, understand and respond to these aspects. GRPP may be included in the tender criteria and contract clauses.

Download the Decision tree