Following up on gender impact assessment

When performing the gender impact assessment, it is important to to take into account an internal system to ensure the quality of the assessment and the relevance of the measures proposed within it. To do this, central bodies for gender equality may have a fundamental  role, since this is where knowledge and expertise on gender equality is concentrated.

At this stage, the gender impact assessment requires knowledge and information, not only in the area of the policy intervention, but also in the gender equality field. This means that from a gender perspective, the quality of the information and findings gathered during the previous steps is crucial. That is why the intervention of gender experts, working together with experts in the specific area, is paramount during the whole process.

Gender expertise may come from the internal equality body or from external experts. It will depend on the specific resources of the administration responsible for the gender impact assessment. Gender impact assessment is a useful tool for building the gender capacity of public servants working in the field. Whether it’s developed by internal or external gender experts, it’s a mechanism which needs to be developed to ensure the improvement of gender equality competences.

Finally, the following diagram represents the basic cycle that any gender impact assessment should follow:

Gender Impact Assessment