Find a gender trainer

EIGE’s gender trainers database features profiles of gender trainers and organisations offering gender training across the EU. This database aims to help users find gender trainers with specific thematic knowledge, skills and the expertise to design training courses tailored to different needs and policy areas.

Who is in the database?

The database offers a classified pool of more than 200 active training providers from 28 EU Member States. These training providers:

  • work in a range of approximately 60 thematic policy areas, including education and training, employment and social affairs, violence or gender stereotypes
  • apply a range of skills across 20 identified fields of expertise, such as gender analysis, statistics and indicators, tools development, gender impact assessment, gender budgeting, project planning, policy development/reform, and monitoring and evaluation
  • come from a wide range of sectors, are affiliated with private companies, civil society organisations or universities, or act as independent consultants.