In this section, you will find basic information on gender equality plans (GEPs), definitions of different terms used in the gender equality in academia and research (GEAR) tool, and information about the GEAR tool itself and how it was updated.

  1. What is GEP?
  2. What do the key terms used in the GEAR tool mean (e.g. gender, diversity, intersectionality and research organisations)?
  3. What stakeholders need to be engaged in a GEP?
  4. Learn more about the GEAR tool

For a brief introduction to GEPs, please watch the video produced by the EU-funded project ACT (Communities of PraACTice for Accelerating Gender Equality and Institutional Change in Research and Innovation across Europe).


If you are interested in further information about the reasons for and benefits of promoting gender equality in research and innovation, please continue to the WHY section. Otherwise, click below to continue to the next section: What is a Gender Equality Plan?