Introduction of family-friendly measures – University of Debrecen (HU)

The University of Debrecen offers its employees training and programmes to promote work-life balance and better mental health. The measure focuses on workshops and trainings for parents. However, there is also a crèche and a kindergarten, as well as childcare support at university events.

The financial resources for the implementation are covered from the university budget and the grants received from the Ministry of Human Capacity.

The measures are implemented in the form of multiple cooperation: There is childcare available at the university for the programmes, which is provided by an NGO, which receives financial compensation for their efforts. This is organised by the mental health team and the university unit responsible for the organisation of university events.

The university covers both the staff costs for the mental health team members, and other direct costs, such as employees’ or their children’ transportation to different programmes. The mental health team also cooperates with the NGO that provides childcare during academic events. Finally, for professional issues, e.g. for the preparation of a questionnaire exploring employees’ experiences, the team cooperates with the recently founded research centre responsible for family and educational investigations.