Gender Equality Plan 2019–2020 – Central European University (CEU) (HU/AT)

CEU’s first GEP (2019–2022) was developed within the framework of the SUPERA project. The GEP is a step forward in the institutional gender equality framework of the CEU and covers objectives in eight gender equality priority areas: (1) gender equality in CEU’s mission, leadership and access to decision-making, (2) gender equality in recruitment, retention and career progression, including (3) availability of family-friendly policies, (4) gender dimension in knowledge transfer and research, (5) sexism, gender biases and stereotypes and (6) sexual harassment. Two priorities aim at improving institutional preconditions: (7) gender-sensitive data collection, access and processing and (8) gender equality in institutional structures. Together with the GEP, yearly workplans provide more details on the specific actions planned to realise those objectives