Extensive parental and maternity policy (UK)

The University of Glasgow has an extensive maternity policy. This policy is to be read in conjunction with the University's policy on Shared Parental Leave to ensure that employees are fully aware of the options available to them and their family. This gender-sensitive approach is reflected in a comprehensive toolkit, listing all instruments supporting staff planning or returning from maternity or parental leave. The comprehensive university policy covers Maternity Leave & Pay Entitlement, Ante-Natal Care, Notification Process, Commencement of Maternity Leave, Keeping in Touch During Maternity Leave, Shared Parental Leave, Returning to Work After Maternity Leave, Employees Not Returning to Work, Partners Rights During Pregnancy/Maternity Leave. It  includes a risk assessment for each phase with corresponding guidelines, a checklist for planning the leave, as well as services such as a nursery, breastfeeding room and guidelines, a parents buddy network or a parents and carers forum. This comprehensive and well-articulated approach thus contribute to enhancing work-life balance and promoting a shared culture of equality and co-responsibility.