Examples of actions

Structures to support gender equality work

Dedicated organisational arrangements tasked with gender equality work (unit, office, network, service, etc.).

Awareness-raising and competence development

Generating sensitivity for gender (in-)equality and developing competence to engage with gender equality issues.

Engaging stakeholders

Building alliances and bringing on board stakeholders to engage in partnerships for gender equality work.

Organisational culture and work-life balance

The organisational culture and work-life balance are key factors that contribute to creating an enabling environment for both women and men to have fulfilling careers in the research sector.

Recruitment, selection and career progression support

Recruitment, selection and career progression support measures aim at ensuring that women and men get equal chances to develop and advance their scientific careers.  

Leadership and decision-making

The leadership of the institution and its decision-making bodies need to be gender balanced for the organisation to truly live up to its values. Decision-making itself has to be gender-sensitive.

Combatting sexual and gender-based harassment

The fields of research and higher education are not immune to sexual and gender-based harassment. Actions are needed to put an end to this behaviour.

Integrating gender in research and education content

Making research and education gender-sensitive by integrating the gender dimension and eliminating gender bias.

Analytical measures, targets, indicators, monitoring and evaluation

Collecting, assessing, reviewing, analysing numbers, data, procedures and practices, to enable optimal planning and implementation of gender equality work.

Incentives to promote gender equality

Inciting actors to integrate gender equality in their work by rewarding good initiatives.