The Skillset Census 2009: the results of the seventh census of the creative media industries

Skillset is an annual report on employment census of the creative media industries. The Census requests key employment data from every company in the sector for which records were available. Among other demographic information, it provides the first ever picture of the employment of women in the industry, across sectors, occupational groups, and nations and regions. It reported both widespread under-representation across the board and enormous variance between sectors and occupations in levels of employment of women. In particular, it showed relatively low levels of women working in senior areas such as producing (as opposed to production), and extremely low levels in ‘traditional male dominated’ areas such as camera, sound, and lighting, compared with ‘traditional female’ occupations such as make up and hair and costume and wardrobe.

Format: Report


SkillSet (The Sector Skills Council for Creative Media; UK)


London: Skillset