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Badanie ewaluacyjne realizacji perspektywy równości płci w ramach Sektorowego Programu Rozwój Zasobów Ludzkich 2004-2006. Raport końcowy.

Unofficial title in English: 
The Evaluation of the Implementation of Gender Equality Perspective into Sectorial Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2004-2006. Final Report

The report presents the outcomes of the evaluation of the realization of the gender equality principle during implementation of the Sectorial Program Human Resources Development. The conclusions and recommendations presented in the report led to development of the Agenda for Equal Opportunities of Women and Men in the Framework of the Operational Programme for Human Capital that is being currently implemented. The Operational Programmes supported by EU funds play an important role in promotion of gender mainstreaming in Poland.


Pentor Research International S.A.; Ciężka, Beata; Sochańska-Kawiecka, Marzena


ISBN: 978-83-60916-95-7