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Direttiva Prodi-Finocchiaro, D.P.C.M. 27 marzo 1997. Aziioni volte a promuovere l'attribuzione di poteri e responsabilità alle donne, a riconoscere e garantire libertà di scelte e qualità sociale a donne e uomini.

Unofficial title in English: 
Prodi-Finocchiaro Directive, D.P.C.M. March 27, 1997. Actions to promote the allocation of powers and responsibilities to women, to recognize and ensure freedom of choice and social quality to men and women.

These are the only guidelines in the field of gender equality at the national level promulgated by the government in 1997. In section 2, the document foresees the strategic goal of gender mainstreaming. However, as a political document, once that government fell down , it was no longer considered a point of reference to guide national policies and no new guidance document has been created by the following governments.


President of the Council of Ministers