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Informes de Impacto de Género

Unofficial title in English: 
Gender Impact Assessment

Aims and objectives

The aim of GIA in Navarre is to revise some types of norms and policies (laws, decrees, dispositions, plans and programmes) from a gender perspective before they are approved by the government. It represents hence and ex-ante evaluation of public policies.

Results and impact

No information has been found with regard to the implementation of GIA

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Each regional ministry


Law 14/2004 and the Government Agreement of May 16th 2011 established that all laws, decrees, dispositions, plans and programmes must be accompanied by a GIA. The latter also determines a minimun structure and content for GIA.

Additional information

Periodicity: Impact assessments are carried out before a proposed activity is approved.

Nuts code: ES22