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Women and men in decision making positions in public administration

Analiza privind gradul de participare a femeilor si barbatilor in procesul decizional de la nivelul administratiei publice centrale si locale

Aims and objectives

The analysis attempted to reveal the degree of participation of women in the decision-making process as it is reflected in the proportion of women in management positions at the level of central and local administrative institutions.

Results and impact

The various editions and versions of the analysis generally reveal that the number of women present in ministerial management positions increases as the management level decreases. Women occupy in much lesser numbers management positions in local public administration.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

National Agency for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men / Directorate for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men


The data was collected for the European Commission's database on gender balance among public servants in ministerial management positions and followed the standard format requested by the Commission, to which an analysis of other public institutions was added.

Additional information

Periodicity: annual, with interruptions