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Gender Thematic File

Dossiê de Género

Aims and objectives

The Portuguese Statistical Office (INE) created a thematic dossier on gender in order to gather, at central level, relevant statistical information regarding gender and equality, and to monitor the implementation of a set of strategic programmes and instruments.

Results and impact

According to the Interim Report of the 4th Plan concerning the year of 2012 (CIG, 2013), the indicators were updated in 2012 based on the information retrieved from the Census 2011.

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Statistics Portugal


This thematic dossier covers the following areas: activity, employment and unemployment; reconciliation between work and family life; crime and violence; decision; education and training; family; population; protection and social inclusion; health. For each of the areas covered, indicators were created and sex-disaggregated statistics are presented.