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Valstybinės moterų ir vyrų lygių galimybių programos priemonių įgyvendinimo ataskaitos

Unofficial title in English: 
Reports on the implementing measures of National Equal Opportunities

Funding body

Lithuanian Government

Aims and objectives

The purpose is to report which measures have already been implemented. The report contains documentation of what has been done in recent years

Results and impact

Reports on the progress on GM as planned in the The National Programme on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men are prepared every year

Creator/owner/responsible institution

Inter-ministerial Committee of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men


The Inter-ministerial Committee of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men coordinates the implementation of the programme. It is also responsible for an annual report on performance. Each ministry provides information on progress in the field of GM. Members of the Committee each year until 15 February prepare and submit reports on the implementation of the programme’s measures. The report is submitted to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. In addition to this, each institution or agency has to inform the public and, if necessary, other institutions of the measures of the programme of its responsibility.

Additional information

Periodicity: ongoing-2013